What to do when your twins have a cold

what to do when your twins have a cold

According to professionals, your twins have a cold around 8 times in their first year. Being twins, this can be a real pain when they a have a cold at the same time. This can be hard on the whole family, so what can you do to make life easier?

Here are a few things that helped us when our twins caught colds.


Straight to the point, here is our list of medicine we used for our twin girls when they had head colds:

  • Calpol (syringe based)
  • Snufflebabe Vapour Oil (or similar chest rub)
  • Olbas Oil
  • Calpol Vapour Plug & Night Light (releases smell for 8 hours overnight)

Note: this is not medical advice and always check with a healthcare professional before taking any action. Also, always ensure any medicine is appropriate for your twins age.

We would look to give a dose of Calpol about 20 minutes prior to bedtime along with Vapour rub applied to their chest, and a few drops of Olbas oil applied to their sleeping bags. Along with this, we would add a new refill to the Calpol plug (each refill lasts 8 hours) just before they slept to give as much effect as possible.

Not eating

Often when ill, your twins will lose their appetites for solids (if at this stage). When this happens always try to offer milk to them instead. Fluids are very important when ill so you want to make sure that if they are not eating, they at least drinking. This way they will get the calories they require as well as staying hydrated.


This is our secret weapon! You will probably find that most of the colds your twins get in their first year are head colds. That is to say, they are bunged up, nose and eyes streaming and struggling to breath properly. This being the case, purchasing a humidifier can help with their breathing.

The best way to utilise the humidifier is when they sleep. Fill it with water, add a few drops of Olbas oil or Eucalyptus oil and turn it on. This helps add moisture to the air which in turn helps with breathing when bunged up.

Sleeping position

Twins often find their own way that they like to sleep. For many months one of our twins insisted on sleeping on her belly and the other on her back. 6 months in and they both slept on their bellies. However, when ill you may find that if your twins like to sleep on their bellies, that this may make them unhappy. They may prefer being on their front, but try and put them on their back to see if they prefer it.

Many parents of twins place a small cushion under one side of the cot mattress to create a slightly raised bed. This is similar to what adults do when ill and use 2 pillows to prop themselves up, making it easier to breathe. Whilst we hear this can work, we have never tried it, and don’t recommend it as we have also heard of potential dangers related to it.

Keep an eye on things

As stated, your twins have a cold around 8 colds per year. However, do always keep an eye on things to make sure that it’s nothing more serious than a cold. Be sure to pay attention to each twin, check for responsiveness and temperature. When bathing or changing them also check their bodies over for anything potentially unusual.

If you do encounter anything you are unsure or unhappy with, make sure you contact the relevant healthcare officials immediately. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Hugs when your twins have a cold

Ahh the ‘h’ word. It’s hard to hug 2 babies at once right? Hugging is tough for parents of twins, as it’s not usually a tactic (unlike having a single baby) we can regularly use. However, at times of illness, and where possible, it is often a sure-fire way to settle a twin if they are very upset.

When our own twins got ill we used to declare ‘sleepover mode’. This meant that the usual rules went out the window and we would give them all the cuddles and attention we could whilst they rode out the illness.

When your twins have a cold, you are going to have a tough time. Especially with a partner at work and other life responsibilities getting in the way. Try to maintain perspective, care for your twins and remember – this shall pass!

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