Mothercare Teddy’s Toy Box (Tummy Time Roller)

mothercare teddys toy box tummy time roller

From the major high street retailer, this tummy roller encourages babies to crawl, whilst also having toys to entertain them. For quick reference, you can find out more information and purchase by clicking here.


This retails from Mothercare at £18 which is a high price for the amount of entertainment it provides. It’s an item I bought when I was still in that newborn ‘I want to buy them things’ stage!
This would be a lovely gift to buy for a mother-to-be, but a pricey item to buy for yourself. I only purchased one of these rather than two, because of the price. 


Whilst being expensive, this is a great quality item. It’s very soft and well-made with lots of interesting things on it for babies to play with. The colours are stylish and neutral making this suitable for boys or girls. 
There’s a mirror on one side, a plastic teething flower, a ball that vibrates when pulled away, lots of scrunchy ‘petals’ and small ribbons. My twins like to play with delicate things, so they have enjoyed playing with the ribbons the most. They do love mirrors, but they’ve never really shown an interest in the mirror on this roller. I think it’s because of the positioning of it – it’s a bit difficult for them to actually see.


I’m not giving this tummy time roller a good performance rating simply because my twins have never really liked playing with it. I’ve never found it useful for tummy time – they preferred to have tummy time just on their fronts with nothing underneath them. 

They also have never enjoyed playing with the toys on it much, I think this is because the toys are attached to the roller, which again they seem to get frustrated with. Our twins struggled to hold the roller (which is quite big in comparison to little babies!) so they end up just giving up and putting it aside. 


Every baby is different, so your babies might love using a tummy time roller – mine just didn’t! They’re now past the stage of needing a roller and have got by fine without using it. Whilst this is a lovely item, I didn’t get enough use out of it to feel it was worth the cost.

You can find out more information and purchase by clicking here.

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