Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor

lollipop smart baby monitor

Disclaimer: This product was provided to us for review purposes. You can find out more information and purchase by clicking here.

When our twins were born, we used an audio monitor when they were sleeping, but for whatever reason I never really felt the need for a video monitor. At that stage I thought, what am I going to see? They couldn’t really move a lot, and if they woke up they’d usually let us know about it! But as they’ve got older and much more active, I’ve become more and more intrigued about what they actually get up to together when they’re supposedly sleeping.

It has been so wonderful finally using a camera, and I truly wish I’d got one a lot sooner! I had a browse around for recommended cameras, but I kept being drawn back to the Lollipop camera which had caught my eye on some Instagram posts.

First Look

My initial reaction when I saw the packaged Lollipop camera was ‘wow, it’s like an Apple product!’ The packaging is extremely sleek and well-designed, and feels very high quality. The box itself contains everything you need, with no unnecessary instruction leaflets or other random paper junk you sometimes get with these products.

The camera itself is unlike any I’ve seen before. It’s like an eyeball on a flexible ‘tail’ and looks incredibly unique and modern.


Everything is controlled via the Lollipop app for this camera, rather than having a separate monitor. This works perfectly for me as I usually always have my phone on me, and I’d rather keep devices to a minimum, but this may not work for everyone and it’s something to bear in mind. The camera itself is powered via a mains socket.

I quickly downloaded the app and got the camera connected to it – this took a little longer than I thought it would, but once it’s done it the first time it remembers the wifi details and is fairly speedy. The setup process was very quick and simple, without needing too much personal information.

The flexible tail was actually surprisingly difficult to get right – the camera makes it top-heavy so I found it tipped up in certain positions, but after a bit of trial-and-error I got it set up nicely freestanding on a shelf in the girls’ bedroom. Another thing to note was if any of the white shelf got into the shot, it would confuse the night-vision and make it not work (I assume because it was focusing on the bright white of the shelf) so the camera had to be right at the edge of the shelf. One of the worries I had was fitting both the girls’ cots into shot, but with the wide angle lens this wasn’t a problem at all.

Using the monitor

The app is really simple to use, with ‘live view’ being my most used feature. You can also take snapshots (great for when they’re being cute and holding hands!), play music and relaxing sounds to them, speak to them via the monitor, and switch to audio-only mode which continues to play the audio even when your phone is locked. Live view only has a delay of a couple of seconds, and never drops the connection or struggles to connect which is really reassuring.

The monitor detects ‘crying’ and automatically records the video for you during these moments, so you can look back and see what happened. I found the default setting to be extremely sensitive, and I was getting notifications on my phone constantly when I could hear the girls upstairs just happily ‘singing’ themselves to sleep. I switched the sensitivity to ‘low’ and found it better after that.

The night vision was one of the main features I needed from a monitor, and I’m so pleased with it. I think the clarity is great, and their room is extremely dark during the night. You don’t need to select night vision, it just automatically changes itself when the room becomes too dark. The audio is also really loud and clear, and picks everything up even though our camera is placed quite far away from the girls.

lollipop smart baby monitor


Overall, I’m so chuffed with the Lollipop monitor and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone with a baby or toddler. It looks smart in a nursery, and comes in a few different colours to suit your style. It’s easy to setup and doesn’t ever have any connection failures, which is so important as you need these devices to just work reliably – especially if you’re a new tired parent.

It does exactly what it needs to in a streamlined way, without the need for bulky extra monitors. I love being able to spy on the girls using my phone, as I can just quickly check on them no matter where I am in the house. I’ve already seen some really sweet and funny moments between my girls, which I never would have seen without this monitor! I’m a bit obsessed with watching them sleep now, but I absolutely love it.

You can find out more information and purchase by clicking here.

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