How to entertain newborn twins

how to entertain newborn twins

Newborn twins can be pretty boring. Harsh but fair. Whilst you look after all their needs, finding ways to entertain newborn twins can be a challenge. We go over what we did with our twin girls, and look at what you can do with your own twins.

What we did

Honestly, not a lot. Our girls were born at 35 weeks, and for roughly the first 8 weeks all they did was sleep, feed and cry. Along with this, babies eyesight takes a while to get going, so for a few months they won’t seem to focus on anything (and be cross-eyed a lot!).

Our entertainment for the first 3 months consisted of:

  • Play mat with hanging toys. The real ‘winner’ here for us was an electronic elephant that made sounds.
  • Music. They seemed to be pretty chilled with anything playing. Being very young they won’t be smiling or anything so being chilled is kind of your best gauge.
  • Kids TV. As above, the sounds and bright colours worked well.
  • Mobile. We only sed this for a couple of months for entertaining 1 twin whilst doing something with the other, like if bathing them.
  • Walks. Outside worked well for putting them to sleep in the early months. Not quite entertainment but they liked being outside.

Things like rattles  or anything to be interacted with were pretty useless as they couldn’t grip anything.

Guilt trips

You’ll hear a lot of websites, and potentially other parents, telling you all this stuff you should be doing with your babies from birth. Reading, massaging, singing, toys, etc. It can leave you feeling guilty that you aren’t providing enough or the right stimulation for your twins.

In our opinion, for the first few months your twins will be happy just getting to grips with what they can do. They are learning.

What should you do?

Let’s be blunt. For the first few months your twins will have poor eyesight, will always be on their backs, won’t smile or laugh and won’t be able to grasp or manipulate anything. This being the case, it seems best to work with that.

Here are some suggestions for entertaining your twins in the early months:

  • You. Get close to them, sing, speak, hold hands.
  • Play mat. Make sure it has hanging toys that has lights and sound.
  • Bouncy chairs. Ones with hanging toys and sounds.
  • Mobiles. Best with sounds and rotation.
  • Music. We used a Sonos but use whatever you have. Calm music was best we found but our twins also liked nursery rhymes (youtube and Spotify have some good playlists).
  • Use their senses. They cannot grip or see well, but sensations such as the wind (on a walk) or water (baths) can be used to your advantage.

You’re doing fine

To sum up; if you’re worrying about providing enough entertainment for young twins then stop worrying! For the first few months, entertainment will be pretty basic as they develop. From 3 months or so you’ll notice changes in eyesight (they’ll finally look at you properly!) and they will be able to hold their heads up. At this point your options for entertaining will open up and – more importantly – your twins will seek entertainment more.

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