How can you tell identical twins apart?

how can you tell identical twins apart

Everyone always told us that our twins were identical. We didn’t believe them. However, we decided to do a DNA test just to shut everyone up! – turns out they are indeed identical… (oops!).. and so comes the question we get asked all the time – how can you tell identical twins apart?

Our twins

Our identical twin girls are physically different, and almost all identical twins do have subtle differences in their appearance. For example, Summer has a longer face, smaller in size, has a more pronounced dimple and has a birthmark on her arm. Skye is chubbier, has a more ‘classic’ baby look and is bigger in size. They also have different smiles – which is soooo cute!

From an outsider’s perspective…

One of the biggest factors that plays into telling your identical twins apart, is time. We spend pretty much every single minute of the day with them. It’s this time spent with them that you learn the things that make them unique. The contours of the head, the way they move, their mannerisms, the sounds of their laughs – subtle, but different.

That said, from an outsider’s point of view, we can totally see why you would think they are identical in every single way. Unless you have spent the time with them, you would definitely struggle to tell them apart!

Do we ever confuse them?

Errr…. yes actually. Haha!

If our twins are facing away from us, or on their own, it can sometimes be hard to tell which is which. We have had a system in place that we have used since birth:

  • Summer has the pink pacifier
  • Skye has the purple pacifier

Easy! Well, until they started swapping dummies with each other at around 7 months…

Don’t feel bad!

Many of our friends and family still mix up our twins! It is tough telling them apart, so don’t feel bad if you do – especially if you’re a parent of identical twins! Just try and find a feature or something that you can use to identify one twin against the other, and you will soon find that you’ll be able to tell them apart 99% of the time.

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