Gro-Egg Room Thermometer

gro-rgg room thermometer

Familiar to parents and non-parents alike, the Gro-Egg Room Thermometer monitors the temperature of your twins bedroom. For quick reference, you can find out more information and purchase by clicking here.


If bought from the high street these can cost up to £30, which to be honest, is too much. However, online you can get these a lot cheaper (the link above currently £14.99), and as long as you don’t pay over £20 we would say this is well worth it. You will only ever be buying one of these, and once it’s in your twins room, it’ll stay there.

In terms of whether you need one, we would say 100% yes. You can gauge a rooms temperature by feel no problem, but when you have newborns and are worrying like crazy, it’s good to have this to know for certain and dress them appropriately.


The Gro-Egg has got a good quality finish. The real thing here is that it’s simple, isn’t big and bulky, and doesn’t make the room look ugly! We sit ours on a shelf in the corner of our twins room and it’s become part of the furniture. The light itself isn’t glaring and the choice of colours offer diffused, soft lighting to the room.

The only negative here is that you may feel the temperature is wrong at times. Whilst this is debatable (I mean we’re just going by gut instinct!), it’s still essential to have the Gro-Egg as it helps in making your decisions – especially in the summer and winter months or when your twins have a cold (if so see our article!).


Simply plug it into the wall, turn it on and it’s working. No setup or anything. To this day, we have had no issues with it. Our only complaint being the wire is somewhat annoying. It would have been nice to have some way of hiding the wire, but that’s purely aesthetic.


We do recommend the Gro-Egg, it’s simple to use, looks nice and provides a much needed temperature reading for your twins room. There are alternatives out there, but for £15 we think the Gro-Egg is pretty much the best choice out there.

As a last note, no matter what, please do buy a thermometer for your twins room, even if not the Gro-Egg. Whilst you may feel you know a rooms temperature, it’s best to have it confirmed. You don’t want to have newborns that are too hot or too cold!

You can find out more information and purchase by clicking here.

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