Bright Starts 5-in-1 Your Way Ball Pit and Play Mat

bright starts 5-in-1 your way ball pit and play mat

We had a small play mat from birth for the girls, but by about 3 months old it was becoming a bit of a squeeze with twins! We decided an upgrade was needed, and this play mat was one of the best purchases we made for entertaining our babies. For quick reference, you can find out more information and purchase by clicking here.


At the time of writing this article the play mat retails for around £60. If you consider it’s a ‘toy’ that can entertain both twins at the same time, comes with multiple attachments and can convert into a ball pit when they can sit – it becomes fantastic value! The actual RRP is about £75, but it’s often on offer so keep a lookout for deals.


The quality is great and the mat has lasted well for us. The play mat itself is washable – I just put it in the washing machine on a gentle setting. It comes out a bit bumpy, but once it’s dry it flattens out nicely. The mat is very large when you lay it flat, with plenty of room for two wriggly twins. This was our main issue with play mats; they are usually designed with just one baby in mind and are too small. It is also fairly thick and padded, meaning it would be suitable to create a play area on hard surfaces.

The fittings for the play gym ‘bars’ are easy to fit, secure and don’t compromise space on the mat itself. These can be moved into different fittings to create a ball pit, which is great for when they’re a bit older. It also comes with a bag of plastic balls which is really handy! We found there weren’t quite enough for our liking, but it’s quite inexpensive to get some extra plastic balls.


Our girls loved this play mat! In particular the elephant toy that come with it. The elephant has flashing colourful lights and music which they were absolutely mesmerised by. It can be quite hard to know how to entertain a 3 month old baby, and this did the job wonderfully. With so much variety with all the different toys, they always had something different and interesting to play with. We still use elements of it at 10 months old – particularly the mirror, which they now are obsessed with!

Once they could sit up at around 7 months old, I briefly used it as a ball pit. This was great and having the sides of the mat up offered a bit of extra support for their sitting. They really enjoyed sitting in the ball pit and it also gave them a brand new perspective on playing with the toys. I did find it got a bit cramped quite quickly though – they tended to start kicking each other and getting a bit frustrated.


This play mat has been our main source of entertainment for our twins from the age of 3 months up until around 8 months. They still enjoy playing with the toys at 10 months old. This play mat is extra large which is so important when you have two babies, and has more than enough toys to go round! If you’re looking for a play mat suitable for twins then I’d definitely recommend this as the one for you.

You can find out more information and purchase by clicking here.


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