Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller Pushchair

baby jogger city mini GT double stroller pushchair

Finding out you’re having twins can be a wonderful and exciting time – until you realise that you need to find a double pushchair that will fit in the boot of your little Ford Fiesta! The Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double (a bit of a mouthful!) was the perfect solution for us. For quick reference, you can find out more information and purchase by clicking here.


At around £650, this does sound like a lot of money to spend. However, our first choice was the Bugaboo Donkey until we realised it wouldn’t fit in our car. After looking at and seriously considering the Bugaboo at over £1000, this one suddenly seemed like a bargain!

There is a lot of choice out there when it comes to pushchairs, but I’d really advise thinking carefully about how long it will last and how you’re going to use it. I feel confident this pushchair will last until they’re old enough to no longer need one. If you spread the cost over the years of use you’ll get from it, you realise the Baby Jogger is actually great value for money.


The quality of this pushchair is fantastic. It’s sturdy and feels great to push, which was very important for us as we like to go for fairly long walks with it. I didn’t quite appreciate just how good this pushchair is until I bought a couple of single pushchairs to take on holiday. I got thoroughly fed up just walking around the airport with them! They were hard to get round tight corners, the girls looked uncomfortable in them and they just felt flimsy in comparison to the Baby Jogger.

There are only a couple of negatives I would say about this pushchair. The harness can seem a bit poorly-fitting and isn’t always that easy to do up. This wasn’t a problem when the girls were small and just laid back, but now they wriggle and lean forward it can be a bit of a struggle. The collapsing mechanism is also quite stiff for a long time. It’s extremely easy to collapse – pull on two handles and it simply folds itself in half.


The handlebar is comfortable to hold and is adjustable for your height. I find it very easy to walk with a long stride at a fast pace with the Baby Jogger. The wheels are ‘all-terrain’ which is really handy, and I feel confident using it on most surfaces. However, on stoney / bumpy surfaces it is a bit jarring, so no off-roading!

The Baby Jogger is suitable from birth, which is great as it means it’s the only pushchair you’ll ever need. The seats go from an upright sitting position right down to a fully horizontal sleeping position. For newborns use an insert / footmuff to make them more comfortable and secure. They are 10 months old now and there is still absolutely loads of room for their legs to grow into, whilst still looking happy and comfortable in it at this stage.

I know for some people the Baby Jogger being a front-facing pushchair is a negative thing. I’ve actually really enjoyed them facing outwards as they get to have a really good look around during walks. There is a fold-down cover on each seat to protect from the sun, wind or cold. This folds right down over the baby, making it a perfect little environment for a nap if they need to! There are two little ‘windows’ on these covers, so you can always have a peek at your baby.


The Baby Jogger is a fantastic pushchair that will last you from newborn right until they are too active to want to sit down! It’s brilliant quality and folds down to an extremely compact size compared to some other double pushchairs. It’s very easy to use, with just one motion needed to open or collapse it. If you have a small car or a slightly smaller budget to spend, I would definitely recommend this pushchair as being excellent value for money. It also looks stylish and I chose the ‘crimson’ to really stand out!

You can find out more information and purchase by clicking here.

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