Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Support

angelcare soft touch bath support

For babies from 0 – 6 months, this is a great solution for twin parents. With a soft mesh it holds babies in place, and small enough to fit 2 into one bath tub! Essential if bathing twins alone and don’t want to bath each twin individually. For quick reference, you can find out more information and purchase by clicking here.


Currently selling at £18.49 – and we would recommend getting 2 – the total cost is £37. Being that these last from newborn to 6 months, it’s a total winner.

But you can bath your kids in the sink right? Yep everyone says that. With twins it’s a big ‘ol NOPE unless you bath them individually. We learnt early on that bathing twins individually is not only time consuming, but also you have to leave 1 twin waiting whilst you bath the other. That is fine, up until they are screaming… then it sucks.

With 2 of these supports, placed in the bath, you can bath both twins at the same time, and that is why these are so amazing.


Cannot complain. They come in 2 colours, pink or aqua, have a sleek and stylish look and the mesh feels good. We noticed no wear or tear in all of the time we used ours, and didn’t slip in the bath tub. The mesh allows for babies to be shifted around, and the water filled to a level that suits you.


Once you purchase these bath supports, you will kick yourselves for not having got these earlier! We only got them after 2 months and it was a game-changer. Amy (mum) used to bath our twins individually and many times it was a nightmare.

If you had a single baby then these would never be required. But when bathing twins at the same time, these are essential!


If you bath your twins without help from your partner, then we would highly recommend the Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Supports – and 2 of them. Being able to bath your twins at the same time avoids massive headaches and meltdowns. Also, it allows your twins time to enjoy each others company and splash about together.

You can find out more information and purchase by clicking here.


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